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We believe in building efficient  and effective decarbonization strategies.

Renewable energy and biofuels are the quickest, most pragmatic, and most direct path to decarbonize, diversify and build resiliency in transportation today. Moving forward, take advantage of available funding to electrify your fleet utilizing the increasingly available vehicle and infrastructure choices. Maximize petroleum displacement, comply with changing regulations and save money with your current vehicles and infrastructure today. Plan for and build pathways to cleaner fuels, infrastructure and vehicles for additional reductions tomorrow. We need every clean and renewable option as fast as possible. Let Tied Branch Consultants help frame, launch and jettison you along that path.


We are a boutique consulting group of alternative energy experts who have dedicated our careers to transforming and decarbonizing transportation and improving air quality—immediately. We understand different alternative fuels and how to utilize them more efficiently. We understand consumers, fleets and fuel markets. By skillfully managing risk, our team can provide you with the most cost effective, immediate solution based upon available funding, available vehicle platforms and available infrastructure. We pride ourselves on rapid problem solving, and using data to quantify practical solutions for the broadest and most cost-effective implementation of decarbonization programs and policies. We provide strategic communication and implementation services that help businesses, academia, regulatory agencies, and non-profits realize the myriad of benefits bioenergy and lower carbon options offer. 

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We quantify your alternative fuel and vehicle options by using science and practical know-how to build solutions. We help companies, fleet managers and policy makers reduce their total fuel costs, diversify away from fossil-based fuels, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with practical solutions. 

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Fuel producers will succeed commercially by taking advantage of available feedstock supplies; innovative conversion technologies; and shrewd navigation of public policy. 

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Our consultants can support you at any level of program design or implementation based on our experience in low carbon fuels and public policy.




During our careers, Tied Branch consultants have helped a wide range of organizations take on transportation challenges with practical know-how and problem-solving acumen. From small fleets to regulatory bodies, mature companies to early-stage startups, we understand what decarbonization looks like in practical, cost-effective, and measurable steps that can be applied today.

The Why



Fossil energy powers 92% of American transportation. This sector is now the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., annually combusting over 200 billion gallons of petroleum fuels. Many of our citizens are plagued with air pollution from older vehicles and fossil refining. 


Tied Branch Consultants understand that climate, agriculture, transportation and the power sectors are interconnected. Cleaner fuels offer clear environmental, social and economic benefits, as well as increasing resiliency through energy security and diversity. All fuels, vehicle technologies and infrastructure components rely on complex systems that impact one another. Our experts have pioneered scientific methods to quantify the interconnected consequences of energy shifts to provide confidence in the net benefits of renewable strategies.


The Tied Branch consultants can help your organization utilize the power of natural systems to reduce fossil fuel emissions and optimize carbon storage. From regenerative agriculture to net zero fuels and vehicles, we need to maximize low-carbon solutions today. Optimizing what is possible today is the only way to make even greater strides with the refined possibilities of tomorrow. 

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