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Green Field



Tied Branch Consultants can help you set goals for sustainability, clean air and social benefits.


Underlying Costs Structure:

Building strategic value should first consider the cost structures provided by communities seeking bioenergy investment. Two factors will likely determine the vast majority of a renewable producer operational costs: feedstock availability and utilities costs, including (renewable) natural gas, water and (low carbon) electricity. States and regions with fast turnarounds in permitting processes can be good partners for biobased investment by providing biofuel producers with the ability to begin operations more quickly.


Sites and Infrastructure:

General locations for sites must minimize both the cost of delivering feedstocks and delivering finished product to market. Mode of transportation via road, rail or waterway must fit the volume and type of commodity, and may be more important than distance, as the cost and efficiency is improved for bulk shipments. For Renewable Natural Gas projects, cleaning and injecting the final fuel may be the greatest barrier to entry.  For Propane or hydrogen, sourcing “green” fuels is key to lower carbon solutions. Securing credits and consuming the fuel on site, nearby or in a dedicated transportation application may be the fastest and most cost-effective means of getting operational.


Incentives Packages:

In addition to the substantial incentives provided by the federal government for renewable fuel production, additional targeted incentives will attract renewable producers and other biofuels businesses to a state. Additionally, public policies, including air emissions permitting, and general construction permitting timelines can make the difference for biofuels producers.


Developer Assessment:

We know the reputation and range of knowledge of the large facility developers.  We know the capacity and willingness to be innovative and/or cost-effective.  You will not need to shop around or worse, choose the wrong developer for your operation without first gaining industry insight and help developing the right questions to ask before you settle on an outside developer.


Community Concerns:

Producers must consider community concerns when siting a bioenergy facility. Community support is essential to reducing the time to market. Companies must plan for odors, truck traffic, dust control, noise, site lighting and any effects these might have on the surrounding community. Our consultants can help you with your Environmental, Social, and Governance strategies as well as corporate branding.

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