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Truck Fenders



We can decarbonize and build a greener fleet today with the help of tools like preferential contracts, right-sizing, improving routes and designing infrastructure routes and real time fixes. Tied Branch experts also have access to 3rd party funding, allowing a public entity to make transportation improvements through a performance contract.  Your business can pay for improvements out of existing budgets!


Measure and Analyze:

The first step will analyze what vehicles you have or need in your fleet, their type, ages, quantity of fuel use and emissions produced. The benefits of utilizing each vehicle should be weighed against the emissions as well as the cost of operations, maintenance and /or replacement.  Tied Branch Consultants have established partnerships with regional US DOE Clean Cities Coalitions who can provide you with an overall fleet analysis.  By utilizing the Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool, these Clean Cities Coalitions can estimate petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and cost of ownership of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles using simple spreadsheet inputs.


Consider Costs and Infrastructures Options:

What potential options exist today to upgrade, downsize or hybridize any particular vehicle? If you were to move to a different fuel type such as electric vehicles (EV) or Compressed natural gas (CNG/RNG), or Propane, what infrastructure issues would you face? Can you secure long-term preferential fuel pricing and availability? If you were to integrate biofuels or EVs, what utility, producer, feedstock and long-term availability concerns would you be facing?


Find Available Funding:

We have access to various grants, incentives and regulations that can support your specific transition to cleaner fuels, infrastructure and technologies. In addition, we can work with your local Clean Cities Coalition to respond to available grant opportunities on your behalf. Cumulatively, our team has raised over $10 million dollars in localized and federal funds for our respective clients.


Qualify and Quantify Reductions:

Goals for sustainability, clean air, and social responsibility should be described by quantifying the impact from your vehicle and fuel choices. Impacts on your customers will be considered as well as the upstream suppliers of the goods and services you need for your business. You can decarbonize and build a greener fleet today with the help of our consultants.

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